Art advisor’s top auction choice

Richard Slechta’s  “Boundary Value” is especially engaging because it evokes a sense of wonder besides its visual appeal. Geometric abstract forms and vigorous color come together resplendently in his work. But the image stands at the intersection of science and metaphysics, holding a bit of mystery. Created using light and pigment (no camera), his photograms are painterly and transcendent.”

Cheryl Perkey, Fine Art Advisor

color photogram titled: Boundary Value from the Inherent Trajectories series

On August 3rd, Boundary Value will be art auction off at oldest non-profit gallery in Los Angeles, Gallery 825

close up detail of color photogram titled: Boundary Value
minimalist photogram titled: Boundary Value

Boundary Value

Size:  30 x 30 inches
Medium:  Light on photo paper
No Editions, Unique
© 2014