System of Perception

One of the primary questions I’ve been drawn to in my work is examining the paradox between structure and nature, between the way images keep us constrained and still invite infinite perspectives.  A vast majority of what I do is looking at the behaviors of natural forces; pressures of geological formations, influence of gravity and flow of currents.  I think in systems, in networks that echo the force of nature, not necessary mimic nature itself.  To see things and people as moments of perpetual motion.

The central goal in my studio practice is to introduce new ways of seeing, experiencing and manifesting light.  The artists of the California Light and Space movement reduced emerging technologies to its minimal components.  I’m continuing in this approach, in pursuit of transference of light as means to affect the human psyche and sensorium.

My art practice bridges the gap between painting and photography. Having stripped away the technology of the camera, I only use its raw materials as focused bursts of light onto traditional emulsion-based photo paper.  I believe, if a camera image is for crystallizing sight, then light can be a catalyst into that which is unclear.

Inside the Artist’s Studio