The Artist’s Story

Slechta is a multidisciplinary artist, using light, paint and photography as a platform to explore consciousness and time. His rigid constructs, precariously teetering upon moments of suspension, invite you to become part of the conceptual tipping-point; into the trajectory of possibility.


Art is about being involved with Life. Art is a promise of a journey, of freedom to pursue your truth. Touching the underbelly of our humanity, it shows not of what we rigidly believed, but how we imagined.

Here to guide, spar and woo us to cultivate a fresh vision of possibility. To free our minds from stagnation, decoration and spoon-fed mediocrity. To help stimulate our creative capacity, engage our intellectual prowess and heighten our emotional intelligence.

Beginnings & Today

Richard has strong roots with the land, growing up on the family orchard.  It was a lifestyle where one just had to find creative ways to build and fix things with what was at had.  He became very comfortable picking up a tool or material and transforming them.

Today, Richard is a Los Angeles based artist and a graduate of School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has been experimenting and innovating with large-scale, non-camera based photography that draws on older traditions, pre-digital methods of creation to respond to contemporary culture.

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