The Artist’s Story

Richard Slechta uses contemporary photography as a platform to explore consciousness and time.  Wielding light and pigment, his luminescent images investigate the boundaries of photographic abstraction through a hybrid of painting and photography. 
Richard’s works are created via a camera-less photographic medium that incorporates focused bursts of light onto traditional photo paper.  The artist’s conceptions originate as translucent geometric paintings that are re-interpreted with beams of light.   This produces a complex interaction of depth, color and movement.
Richard continues his ongoing investigation of the fleeting nature of things we hold most precious.  Pragmatically looking forward, into the trajectory of possibility.  Tipping points, volatile states, and moments of suspension invite viewers to be part of the shifting action.
Richard is a Los Angeles based artist and a graduate of School of Visual Arts in New York City.  He has been experimenting and innovating with large-scale, camera-less abstract photography since the early 1990’s.  His work has been exhibited across the country and resides in permanent collections including, the Museum of Arts & Sciences.

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