Everything becomes new again

Let me introduce, Labyrinth of Memories, a photogram that is unlike many of my works, its not full of releasing, kinetic movement.  It has colored layers that collectively appear wedged into immovable confinement.  If I was to use one word to describe this piece it would be, ‘snug’. 

The title for this piece also plays with this idea.  I imagine experiencing a Labyrinth of Memories with its complex and winding paths.  If your memories are tidy as an English garden in need of a pruning, then you may have something in common with this artwork. 

As for myself, as I get older, my memories seem to be really no different from a maze – layered, twisty and always an adventure.

Framed color photogram titled: Labyrinth of Memories
side view of framed color photogram titled: Labyrinth of Memories

Size:  14 x 14 inches
Medium:  Light on photo paper
No Editions, Unique
© 2018