Exhibit: Villa di Donato, Naples

Villa di Donato, Naples

May 29 – June 10, 2019

It’s a pleasure to introduce my newest series ‘Ether of the Homeland’ for Summer 2019.   This work is a look through the lens into the American Dream beheld by my immigrating family four generations ago and how it reflects onto our vision of the future.

This thematic group exhibition Edge of History, is a special cultural exchange with Italian and Los Angeles artists, curated by Cynthia Penna.

Color photogram titled: Ether Of The Homeland

About the Artworks:

A immigrant’s dream of plenty

Not a Land of Plenty nor a Time of Plenty, but it’s a collective human value that runs from the veins of our heritage through our sense of community and belonging.  The artworks start as a reflection upon what are the motivations of my families immigration 4 generations ago.  Lost are much of the stories, dreams and aspirations leaving us with names and dates that reveal very little.  

To fit theses puzzle pieces together, the artworks interweave the pastoral cultural propaganda from our homelands postage stamps dated to the last century.  Etching of harvest, family, strength, justice and freedom become reflections into a pool of lost memories of the ideal of plenty.  

Echoing the loss of memories the arrangement of these images fragments outward into unrecognizable slivers, like images alight in the virtue of an American Dream.