Is it good enough for my collectors?

During a fruitful meeting with a collector last week, I was asked, “how long does it take to make one of your artworks?”.  I had a fresh perspective to share. 
The last 2 month in the studio been kind of like hitting my head against a brick wall, then getting all excited afterwards to try it over again.  I’ve made 24 failures of a single painting that I’m reinterpreting with light onto photo paper.   I call it 24 variations on the theme of failure, or 25 reasons to keep going.
Everything about harnessing light is complicated, even more so, having to work in the pitch dark.  It’s bumpy months like these ones that remind me that absolute creative integrity is everything.  
Striving to be an extraordinary artist is to embrace failure, to permit dissatisfaction and start afresh.  If it takes 24 times saying not good enough for my collectors, so be it, I know it is worth the adventure.
Lighting Artist, Richard Slechta with works in progress