Keeping your mind pandemic-free

I’m not sure if you have a similar experience, but there are a handful artworks that I regularly think about to help bring clarity to difficult moments.  Since the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus and it’s all consuming anxiety, there has been one piece of artwork that has been asking me to come closer and pay attention.
Though it’s a simple piece, it doesn’t give any answers away easily.  It tests my ability to see not with the focus my eyes, but with a sense of vision.  Its concentric patterns easily lead me in towards the center – but to enter a step deeper requires a special type of faith.  A faith in not knowing, not having the answers, not sure what to expect.  Only to move forward with white knuckle insistence.
Photogram: Bombastic Ruination by lighting artist Richard Slechta
Bombastic Ruination, 14 x 14 inches, light on photo paper, ©2014