Mixing with the current or muddying the waters

The inspiration for this work, Turbidity Current originates as fast-moving currents that are intermixing with a fury of inky saturation.  With this new body of work, I’m reflecting on the movements and currents that surround us, in part as an abstraction to reflect upon the currents we allow to flow into our lives.

The term “current” is such an interesting one, there’s air currents, electrical currents or currents in body of water among the many examples.  A “current” is defined as a quantity representing the rate of flow.  Yet, when we say “currently” the word becomes a measure of right here, now. 

Currently enjoying,

Photogram, Turbidity Current by lighting artist Richard Slechta
Turbidity Current, 48 x 48 inches, light on photo paper, ©2020