Eleanor Roosevelt’s surprising ethos to photography

One of most important principles I keep in mind in the creative process, asking \”is my art coming from a place of genuine intention founded in others?\” Contrary to and probably shock to many, I don\’t consider my artwork to be about me. I’m reminded by this daily, in a quote posted near my studio desk:

\”Great minds discuss ideas.

Average minds discuss events.

Small minds discuss people.\”

Loaded brush in artist studio
This doesn\’t mean my art does not come from a personal place.  Rather, it’s a simple question of intention.   There are many traps in the creative process, especially when working with abstraction. ‘If it looks cool… it must be cool’ is a resounding \’red flag\’ of insincerity.  Eleanor Roosevelt quote as it applies to art photography sounds like this:

\”Most interesting photographs lead us to great truths.

Average photographs lead us to photography.

Least interesting images lead us to the artist.\”

Here lie the most important principles for my creative process. To begin with the intention imbued with the spirit of looking forward into possibilities. To see there is a timelessness to the state of movement all around us.