On Independent Collectors

Surprisingly as an artist, I still enjoy hearing the stories and passions of art collectors.  It’s a healthy reminder for an artist, that the enjoyment of a collection isn’t just about the jazz of consumption.

With this in mind, I must share a recently discovered collectors website solely dedicated to interviewing and understanding the passions of art collectors.  Independent Collectors is bit of a rocker to the mainstream art establishment as it doesn’t promote a collector as someone who has vast sums of money, exerting their power and influence, but people with a passion for experiencing art and collecting it into something bigger than itself.

The Founder Christian Kaspar Schwarm shares in his interview, \”I’m not very much interested in the process of “owning” any art – I’m obsessed with what art can do for me. My apartment has windows. But I regard all the artworks in it as additional windows. And these windows are there for looking out onto something.”


Hope you enjoy the stories as much as I do.  https://independent-collectors.com/people/

Christian Kaspar Schwarm