Published: Time at the time of isolation

It’s a pleasure to share an exciting book project that aims to capture 93 artists working in Spring 2020.  You’ll find many familiar Los Angeles artist, including myself.  Try previewing the book and look alphabetical towards S’s.  If you like what you see, why not support a fresh narrative that reflects on our time together.


A collection of 93 art works, projects and writings by artists, curators and art historians to describe the perception of the flowing of time in this time of total isolation.

“We are proud to communicate that ART1307 has edited an art book consisting of a collection of writings, drawings, paintings, photographs and video of 93 artists and art curators from all over the world.

The theme is a reflection about Time and its perception in the time of isolation from physical contacts with other people. The time that passed by in the Spring of 2020: an unforgettable experience for all human beings.

We have asked the artists to collaborate to “freeze” this experience to History and to release it as a legacy to future generations.”

The book is purchasable online and will come to your home directly from the printer company BLURB