Reading: The Revenge of Analog

As an analog photogram artist, I’m a firm believer in the importance of the special things we surround ourselves with.  From the art we enjoy in our homes to that special coffee cup we use in our morning rituals; they all are part of the intention we set forth.
I recently just finished the book The Revenge of Analog, real things and why they matter, written by David Sax
What I love about this book is how it expands upon why we are once again, falling back in love with physical analog experiences.  As remarkable as digital technology has changed our lives, it hasn’t always lived up to all our expectations. 

The Analog is making a come-back, but this time has a whole new meaning.   Instead of looking backwards to nostalgic past, it’s about experiencing a present moment (without all the Zen baggage). 

We see it in simple things like film cameras, vinyl records and handmade objects that ask us to slow down and pay attention.  The spirit of analog mirrors the experience of life, it’s fussy and loaded with imperfections. 
Perhaps it might get you thinking about the objects you surround yourself with too. 
Worth sharing this read –  a fresh way of thinking about real things and why they matter. 
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Book Revenge of Analog, by David Sax