Reality is not as clear-cut as it seems

The piece Boundary Value reminds me of the quote by Italian physicist, Carlo Rovelli “Reality is not as clear-cut as it seems.”  Within this spiraling kaleidoscope-like geometric pattern, begins the adventure into perception.  
color photogram titled: Boundary Value from the Inherent Trajectories series
How does this pattern complete itself in the areas that are too dark or soft to make out?  Organized patterns repeat themselves, so this piece has the particular curiosity.   Do we visualize what is obscured by the anticipated toggling of colors and shapes in a rhythmic descending pattern?
I see the more interesting approach is not how the pattern completes, but what is the experience loosing focus and clarity at the center?  Perhaps, allowing ourselves a little bit of disorientation and not-knowing, can shift our vista of reality.  
I like to think about art as a way to identify what blocks me, holds me back.  To see a vista of clarity beyond what I perceive to be real.  And… to see the future not with certainty, but at least to assert certainty.
close up detail of color photogram titled: Boundary Value
minimalist photogram titled: Boundary Value

Boundary Value

Size:  30 x 30 inches
Medium:  Light on photo paper
No Editions, Unique
© 2014