Rigorous Circle of Artists

I imagine you all know my work well, but perhaps less about who I call my friendly competition – the rigorous circle of contemporary artists that also work within the genre of experimental, non-camera based photography. Not exactly mainstream, but it’s growing lure is an art genre that draws on older traditions of pre-digital methods of creation to respond to contemporary culture.

If you collect and follow my work, you might also think about adding anyone of these artists to your collection as well (though some pieces go for handsome figures). What I find interesting is how varyingly different each artist is.

My hope is that you take a moment to click through a couple of each grouping to see for yourself.

Geometric Abstraction  

(Rigid structures with conceptual relationships)

Organic Abstraction

(Forms that evoke the experience of nature)

Figurative Abstraction

(Use of the body as a performance)

Naturalistic Abstraction

(Use of creatures and botanics as a narrative)