The frequency of co-operation

As an artist, I like to think of natural systems as a fascinating reference where I can learn to understand myself and others. 

I see it in the co-operation of a flock of migrating geese, bees constructing geometric hives and even electrons and protons in balance forming a single atom.  Each of these contain an unspoken co-operation.

This is Resonance Frequencies, the newest addition to the 2020 series, Incompressible Flow.

Swirling in a circular torus-like flow, I see a co-operation in the agility of flowing movement.  The darting forms actively in play, without agreement or neutrality, but working within a Resonance Frequencies.

color Photogram, titled Resonance Frequencies by lighting artist Richard Slechta
Resonance Frequencies, 30 x 30 inches, light on photo paper, ©2020