There is no darkness but ignorance

One of my sources of inspiration as an artist using experimental photography, is light itself. Light has been the defining element in my life, in part for much the same reasons as philosophers and scientists have been drawn to it over the millennia.
Light is like no other substantive experience. It is instantaneous, yet its temporary nature is that light is always fleeting. Light can be sculpted into magical qualities – defining and shaping it. Then, in a flash of a moment – it can be gone. This temporal nature is ripe with parallels into our daily experience; instantaneous and temporary.

\”There is no darkness but ignorance\” – William Shakespeare 1564-1616

\”Dark is not the opposite of light. It\’s the absence of light” Beastie Boys 1979 – 2012


“Nothing can move faster than the speed of light” – Albert Einstein 1879-1955