Conceptual workings & studio practice – video

I’ve been working with abstraction for quite some time now, and it’s a very powerful thing.  It’s a language that allows us to communicate together without being restricted by the noun, by who I am and who are you.  It allows us to just get all that out of the way and have a dialog between the audience and the artwork.  You know, when We feel inquisitive and passionate about something, there is an energy that gives us –  that we feel alive.  
The way I work is I’ve stripped away the technology of the camera so that I’m only using its raw materials.  This gives a freedom to introduce a hybrid of painting and photography.  This is where the conceptions begin, as translucent paintings, that become re-interpreted with bursts of light.  I’m attempting to think of light as a way to talk about consciousness and time.  
You know, photography has such deep roots in looking backwards.  I’m looking to the imagination of what is possible, what is going forward.  That is what excites me the most.   What is going to happen next?  That’s for the viewer to imagine and complete for themselves.