Video – Trajectories at Mattie Kelly Fine Art

‘Inherent Trajectories’ a Solo Exhibition

September 8 – October 10, 2014

Enjoy the video of the exhibition, Inherent Trajectories

Wielding light and pigment, Slechta’s richly luminescent images investigate the boundaries of photographic abstraction through a hybrid of painting and photography. 
These visceral images present the relationships between control, volatility and play.  Turbulent patterns and darting movements express the release of kinetic and potential energy.  The images have a foundation of geometric shapes that tell of a physical shift and displacement.   Slechta’s signature blue bars, unwavering, activate the space, enforcing compositional order as a stark response to the encompassing movements. 
The slick and pristine finish may give the appearance of a digital image, but it is not.   This work is a creation based on chemistry and physics.  Slechta paints with both pigments and light.  He produces compositional paintings on translucent surfaces, to be re-interpreted with gestures of light.  He uses  sensitive photographic paper as his canvas, and the resulting artistic process reveals ‘light on photo paper’.