Who is the Nightingale Spectator

It would be a waste if artwork titles were merely a descriptive ‘what is it’.  Nightingale Spectator is no different.  The titles I assign for each photogram is an opportunity to get nudged toward a perspective of viewing new and fresh way.  
Linguistically, there is a rhythm in the titles, usually only 2 words using an adverb/adjective combo.  However with Nightingale Spectator it is joined as a noun/noun rhythm.  I see the title meaning not necessarily be a destination – but an inferred vista for viewing.
close up detail of color photogram titled: Nightingale Spectator
A Nightingale is a bird best known for its powerful and beautiful song.  The colors in this photogram are saccharine-sweet in pinks and purples likened to this bird’s overcompensation of pleasantries.  Perhaps a little riff not to be fooled by sensory sensation over substance.   
Spectator is most definitely you – the viewer.  
– The viewer of art
– The viewer of Nightingales
– The viewer of pleasantness
– But also the viewer implied and suggestive forms and relationships. 
This is where your viewing begins into the next step of something more meaningful, between actuality and potentiality.   Who is this Nightingale Spectator? 
Color photogram titled: Nightingale Spectator
side view of framed color photogram titled: Nightingale Spectator

Title:  Nightingale Spectator
Size:  30 x 30 inches
Medium:  Light on photo paper
No Editions, Unique
© 2018

close up detail of color photogram titled: Nightingale Spectator